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photo The Fisherman’s Cottage  

Always makes us happy to play at the Fisherman’s. Hair shall be let down and merriment will happen.

icon Avian Up The Junction  25 June 2019

An intimate, up-close, personal, touchy-feely Avian to appeal to your more venerable, deeper, true self. Enjoy with beer.

Gig photo The Fisherman’s  9 January 2019

We love this place! The beer and the food are ace…and there is a great space to let it all hang out. Can’t wait!  🙂

Pavlov’s Dog  2 January 2019

Avian return to Pav’s (just after 9:30 on Sat 26th) for a window-shaking melodic extravaganza tuned specifically to the frequency of ‘oh yes’. Beer is likely, tunes aplenty, ending the …