Recording the new album

We recorded the first Avian album at Whitehouse Studios (Reading) earlier this year. It was a mighty fine effort…we set out to record 3 tracks but ended up doing 8… 🙂

As ever it was intense but it felt really good. We recorded each song live, with Chris laying down a guide vocal. Matt Bew, our wizard sound engineer, set the room up to capture a nice, vibrant sound that you can hear in the energy of each song.

Next up was to lay down the lead vocal track…which has Chris in his happiest of happy places! And then the layers of backing vocals…double-tracked, three-part harmonies even…!

And then Matt was in the hot seat to mix everything up into a 8 really solid songs. We’re really proud of them, and very much hope you enjoy listening to them…

You can buy the first 4 songs through this Bandcamp widget. We will be very grateful (this recording business is not cheap!). When we get the full album finished, we’ll sort it so you are not paying for the same songs twice.

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